Commercial Services

Commercial Floor plans Measuring Services

Why Should Property Managers Use This Service?


  • Provides a clear, accurate, and comprehensive representation of the buildings space.

Property taxes and rental payments are based on the area calculation of a building.  Confirm this calculation in order to guarantee that you aren’t paying too much tax and to establish fair rental value.



  • Detailed and easy to read floor plans with all room dimensions.
  • Drawings.
  • Site plans.
  • AutoCAD drawings and PDF files.
  • Fire safety plans.

Summary Spreadsheets and Architectural Certification are available upon request.

– Measurements include height of ceilings, length and width of each room, window and door offsets, wall thicknesses, and built in counters and appliances.

– Commercial properties are measured to B.O.M.A. standards.

– Measurements are done on site using precision laser technology, never from blueprints.

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